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26.01.2010 - Adidas Martini Racing Edition, coming soon...

A friend of mine asked me to create an unique shoe for his hobby - youngtimer. As he‘s driving a classic Lancia Delta Integrale, we decided to make a design based on the famous „Martini Racing“ paint job. More to come...

19.05.2010 - Adidas Goodyear Street Martini Racing - out now!

My new custom. Martini Racing CW inspired with a nice Adidas Goodyear base shoe.

Check out more pics here.

07.08.2010 - FUSS RACING - Puma Martini coming soon

After the big success of the Adidas Martini Racing custom and it‘s presentation at the „Klassikwelt Bodensee 2010“ I got several inquires for duplicates of this shoe. As I only produce 1of1 sneakers, I agreed with a new customer to transfer the Martini paint job to a „Puma Drift Cat II“

Coming soon...

21.08.2010 - FUSS RACING - Puma Drift Cat II Martini Racing - out now!

The newest creation, from the FUSS Racing series of motorsports inspired colorways.

Check it out here.

30.10.2010 - FUSS SB Dunk Supreme - out now!

Check this out - Nike SB Dunk turnt into Supreme Elephant print. All prints were burnt into the leather manually.

More pics here.

15.01.2011 - FUSS Nike Air Max 1 Blofeld - out now!

Sneakerhead Blofeld from Germany ordered this custom based on the Nike Air Max 1 Flannel from 2007.

Check out more pics here.

20.01.2011 - Light painting

Just played around with my cam and tried to do some light paintings.

Check out the result.

07.02.2011 - Nike Air Max 90 BRS Midsole Restoration

The midsoles color of Air Max 90s tend to crack after some wear. In this case I was asked to refresh the look of those hard to get BRS from the Powerwall.

Check out more pics here.

30.07.2011 - FUSS Custom Sneakers exhibition @ AMEN Sommerfest

FUSS Custom Sneakers will be shown during the flea market of the AMEN Sommerfest in Munich.

More pics after the event.

24.09.2011 - Nike Air Max 90 HUF Midsole Restoration

Every Sneakerhead knows about the midsole color problems of HUF and Nash AM 90s. As I really am a fan of premium leathers, the HUF needed some restoration to look crisp again. I decided to go for a white midsole (instead of gray).

Check out more pics here.

Check out his homepage for even more nice cars:

21.07.2012 - Nike Air Max Light Un-Vintage

Time to get that Nike-Vintage look off of a box-fresh pair of Nike Air Max Lights.

After some basic cleaning the OG color of the midsole was restored to give the shoe an authentic look.

Check out more pics here.

21.04.2013 - Nike Air Max 1/90 Hybrid

Hybrid versions of classic Nike models are not really popular amongst sneakerheads.

This one will break some necks for sure.

A classic Air Max 1 Leather on a Air Max 90 midsole.

Check out more pics here.

07.05.2013 - Nike Air Max 1 OG

This classic shoe need a complete midsole makeover. The cracked color was replaced by crispy white - the shoe is now shining box fresh.

Check out more pics here.